Todd Frazier (26) -If I were him, I'd be begging to be tried at shortstop this spring...if he could play the position even half-decently he'd have this club made.

Dave Revering (59) -Part of the Vida Blue trade that Bowie Kuhn vetoed, that would have made the Reds probably the best team of all time. But I'm not bitter...

Chick Hafey -Spent the bulk of his career as a Cardinal, then joined the Reds in the early thirties. A terrific hitter in spite of having terrible eyesight. Became a Hall of Famer during the period when Frankie Frisch dominated the Veteran's Committee and was inducting his old teamates by the carload. He had big stats, but a shortish career for a HOFer, and he only finished in the top 10 in MVP voting once- that doesn't sound like a Hall of Famer to me.


Don Stanhouse (61) -Closer for some of Earl Weaver's Oriole clubs. Weaver called him "Fullpack" because Earl would smoke a whole pack of cigarettes while watching Stanhouse struggle to close the deal on a save. The last couple of years, I've felt like Coco Cordero was a Stanhouse for the new millennium.

Enzo Hernandez (63) -My favorite baseball stat: 1971- Enzo had 618 PAs and only 12 RBIs. Twelve!!!

Lenny Randle (63) -Known for being the first American to play professionally in Italy, for punching his manager, and for attempting to blow a rolling bunt foul.

Joe Garagiola (86) -I noticed that he didn't show up at the "Today Show" 60th anniversary show. I hope he's OK. His book Baseball Is A Funny Game was a favorite of mine as a kid.

Dom DiMaggio -Passed away in 2009 at age 92 after a long, happy life and career both on and off the diamond.