Logan Ondrusek (27) -Grew up in Shiner, Texas.

Todd Williams (41) -A Red in 1998. Mentioned in the Mitchell Report. Last active in 2008 with the independent Long Island Ducks.

Frank Williams -A Red in 87-88. A sad, sad story. He and his twin brother were abandoned by their mother in the hospital, named by hospital staff and raised in foster care. After his playing days he had some substance abuse problems and ended up basically as a street person. Died in 2009.


Donnie Moore -Sunk into depression after surrendering a key hit in the ALCS, he eventually took his own life. This is not the most uplifting day ever for birthdays.

Sal Bando (68) -Captained the A's in the 1970s, which had to be like herding cats. Served as Brewers GM, then became CEO of something called the Middleton Doll Co.

Hal Chase -A wonderful defensive first baseman and fine hitter. Unfortunately he was also a cheat and crook, who participated in the throwing of more baseball games than probably everyone else combined.