Johnny Cueto (26) -Has never appeared in relief in the majors.

Rolando Roomes (50) -Native Jamaican who came up at about the same time as his countrymen Chili Davis and Devon White. Started out as a cricket player. Appeared briefly for the '90 Reds; don't know if he got a ring. Currently lives in Mesa, Arizona.

Rick Auerbach (62) -A Red in the late '70s. We acquired him from Texas and sold him back to Texas when we were done with him, but he never appeared in the majors for Texas.


Ugueth Urbina (38) -His middle name also starts with "U". Currently serving a 14-year sentence in the Venezuelan slammer for attempted murder.

Ron Cey (64) -"The Penguin"; even though he was a Dodger I liked him. Tried hard to run fast but his knees were just too low.

Billy Hamilton -Not ours; the 19th-century one AKA "Sliding Billy". His career OBP of .455 is second only to Ted Williams. In 1894 he scored 198 runs. Selected to the Hall in 1961. I'll take numbers like those from our Billy Hamilton.