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Which means archaeology won't be nearly as interesting in the future. Just one giant google search.

thats funny...reminds me of a sci-fy movie I watched a year or so back....it was like 2125 in the future and life was exactly like it is now, but information was streamed to your brain instead of computers, TV's, Radios, newspapers and stuff like that.....everyone still acted just like they do in this day and age but if you wanted to watch sportscenter or say a Reds game, you just walked into your own personal hub, like a walk in closet made just for you and plugged your brain into the mainframe and it downloaded all the stuff you wanted....if you wanted to know what year the the Twin Towers collapsed in New York all you had to do was think it and the info streamed right to your brain and you automatically knew the info.....in the movie, cops were using it chasing down a criminal and the criminal had found a way to hack into the cops mainframe and he was giving them false info and forcing them to track down the wrong guy cause the real criminal was editing the DNA reports on the mainframe.....the cop ended up finding out it was his son that was commiting the murders......

crazy movie and i never watch sci-fi stuff....can anyone tell I am bored and have the week off work and I am just sitting around waiting on NCAA basketball to come on?