Scott Williamson (36) -9th-round pick of the Reds who rocketed through the minors in two years and was the Rookie of the Year and all-star in 1999.


Alan Wiggins -Stole 120 bases in the Cal League one year. Talent-wise he's a good comp for Billy Hamilton; Billy seems to have his head on much straighter, though. Wiggins was the first major league player to die of AIDS; a disease he probably contracted due to IV drug use.

Roger Craig (82) -Had some good years with the Dodgers and Cards, but is best remembered now for losing 46 games in the Mets' first two years, and for being a pitchiing coach/manager/split-finger guru.

Rod Dedeaux -Brief major league career; longitme USC baseball coach who sent many players to the majors and mentored a young batboy named Sparky Anderson.

Wally Pipp -Quick, who was the first Yankee to lead the AL in homers? That's right, it was Wally Pipp. I've read that when Gehrig's streak finally ended, Pipp, by then a paint salesman, happened to be at the game. Wally was later one of the first writers for Sports Illustrated.

Nemo Leibold -Black Sox outfielder; one of the few regulars on the team who was neither banned for life nor elected to the Hall Of Fame.