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I decided to test your theory and take a look at my watchlist on IMDb. These are my 9 star and 10 star films from the last five years:

Drive (adapted novel)
50/50 (original screenplay)
500 Days of Summer (original screenplay)
Knocked Up (original screenplay)
The Dark Knight (comic book franchise)
Inglourious Basterds (original screenplay)
Midnight in Paris (original screenplay)
District 9 (original screenplay)
No Country for Old Men (adapted novel)
The Fighter (original screenplay)
The Hurt Locker (original screenplay)

There's my 11 favorite movies from the past five years, and eight of them are original screenplays; two that are not are adapted from far-from-household novels. Only Batman is the obvious fanchise, and it had one of the best directors of our generation at the helm.

The Prestige, Children of Men, and Little Miss Sunshine all just missed the cut by a year and are (mostly) original franchises.

I think film has gone the same way as music--there's just more of it out there. As a result of the development of the internet, you really have to dig to find the good stuff. The studios and record companies are cramming garbage down your throat. But it's there...
Outside of Dark Knight, The first two Transformers movies made as much as the other 11 combined.