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To my surprise I really enjoyed this flick. One of my favorite movies was Die Hard and this movie takes a page out of that book. Most action movies today with any kind of budget seems to be made with the priority being to outsmart the last big action movie. A simple plot with good, believable action mixed in with some humor that's not overbearing, leading up to a big showdown seems too much to ask for these days from action movies but Dredd does a pretty good job of delivering just that.
I just got finished watching this movie based on the suggestions here and I'm surprised that it didn't do better at the box office. I really liked this movie. It has everything you want from an action movie with good acting to boot. What I really liked about it is that it had a comic book feel as if I was reading a comic book. The gritty visuals were amazing and Urban is spot on with the character. I never thought than anyone could make Lena Headey ugly but they managed to do this in the movie. She's a very good villain.

I've also read that the movie did eventually profit 50 million in total and that they are going to make sequels to it (it's the rumor anyway).