Bill Kelso -Came over from the Angels in the Sammy Ellis trade. Later scouted for several teams including the Astros; he was the scout of record on Lance Berkman and Roy Oswalt.

Russ Nixon (77) -The former Reds manager holds the record for most career games played without stealing a base.

Chuck Aleno -Wartime 3b who began his career with a 17-game hitting streak; still a record, I think...


Miguel Batista (41) -The much-traveled Batista might not be done yet; he pitched pretty well in 2011. He's published a book of poetry and a suspense novel.

Dave Stewart (55) -A couple of fun facts about "Smoke": he was 8-0 in League Championship Series games and 9-1 career versus Roger Clemens. Currently an agent, he represents Matt Kemp and Chad Billingsley among others.

Bob Sadowski -There were three Sadowski brothers in major league baseball: Ted, Ed and Bob. There was also another, unrelated Bob Sadowski active at approximatley the same time. This Bob Sadowski's main claim to fame is being the Braves starting pitcher in their last home opener in Milwaukee.