Bill Gullickson (53) -Set a rookie record with 18 strikeouts in a game (since broken by Kerry Wood). Has six kids, all of whom compete in some form of athletics at a high level. Pitched one year in Japan and was very popular; the Japanese diabetes association gives out an award for courage called the "Gullickson Award".


Brian McCann (28) -Wow, that can't be right- he has to be older than 28. Hit the first walk-off homer to be reviewed by instant replay.

Justin Verlander (29) -God was really focused when he made Verlander's arm; Justin was throwing in the mid-80s while still in elementary school. Bet he was fun to face in Little League.

Livan Hernandez (37) -Currently a spring NRI with the Astros. I bet he makes the rotation; you can't kill this guy.

Elroy Face (84) -Holds the record with 96 career wins in relief. In his great 18-1 season of 1959 he got not a single Cy Young vote. Worked as a carpenter after his baseball career.

Tommy Henrich -Nicknamed "The Old Reliable" for his great clutch hitting. Lived to age 96; at the time of his death he was the last living former teammate of Lou Gehrig.

Sam Rice -In 1912, a tornado swept through Rice's town, killing his wife, his two daughters, his sisters and his parents. At a loss, he joined the navy, and eventually drifted into professional baseball. He retired with 2987 hits; no one made a big deal out of the 3000-hit thing back then. Was involved in a famous World Series play where he caught a deep drive and then fell over the outfield fence. Many alleged at the time that he hadn't held onto the ball; Rice refused to talk about it, saying the mystery was more fun. He did, however, leave an envelope to be opened after his death.

Eventually he remarried, and was voted into the Hall of Fame. A journalist came out to his house to do a story on him, and listening to the interview was the first time his second family learned that he had been married before. I guess the memory was too painful for him to talk about. And by the way, the note to be opened after he died turned out to say, "At no time did I lose control of the ball"...