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Think I'd rather have Mike Tolbert than either of those 2 RB's. Bush is a decent backup but I don't think much of Hillis he IMO has been exposed as a RB. Neither make for a good RB if they have to start. Like Mario M. over Colston as I think Colston might have a bit higher price tag. Like Michael Griffin ever so slightly over Landry simply due to health issues. Wouldn't draft Kirkpatrick at all, not seeing him doing well in the NFL at CB. Barron only in the 2nd IMO.
I like Barron better than that and would be elated to have him in the 2nd (would be happy with him at 21).

I'd be happy with Griffin and/or Manningham- although I think the latter may command a "Super Bowl premium" a la Dexter Jackson from a few years back.

I'd still much prefer Bush or even Hillis (on a 1 yr) to Tolbert, who I think is more of a goalline back and has little big play ability.

I have no interest in Jenkins at 17 or Miller at 21. I'd prefer to get Richardson, Floyd or DeCastro at 17, and Glenn or one of the Bama DBs at 21. Jenkins would be tolerable at 21 if all my other guys were off the board. No thanks to Miller in the 1st round.

Agree with your cuts (Crocker and Geathers) although I am intrigued by Mays "big play ability" on Special Teams. Agreed he's likely not an NFL Safety.