Lidspinner, the difference between drafting morons and signing them as undrafted free agents is night and day.

This guy has has less than a short leash. The slightest screw up and he's gone.

There's essentially no opportunity cost to signing guys like this. Any benefit you get from an undrafted free agent is money found. As opposed to Odell Thurman and Chris Henry(who the Bengals took in front of a number of guys who could still be contributing.) Signing Burflict costs you nothing.

There's a time and a place for giving guys second chances. The difference is that Mike Brown used to do it in the 2nd and 3rd round, now they're doing it in the late rounds and with undrafted guys.

As we've seen with guys like Rey Mauluga, if you draft a guy and he has problems, there's generally a reluctance to completely cut ties. But if an unsigned free agent causes the same amount of trouble either on field or off, then he's gone before the end of the day.