Mike Smith (51) -The Reds at one point had two pitchers named Mike Smith under their control, and if you could keep them straight you were a better man than I. This is Mississippi Mike, who's now a successful pool designer. The other one was Texas Mike, who I believe is the one who ordered a salad and asked the waitress to "put some of those neutrons on it".


Rondell White (40) -Spent the first half of his career with the Expos and the second half gypsying around the league. He's Jerry Manuel's son-in-law.

Bobby Bonilla (49) -Sort of what we'd hoped Juan Francisco might develop into; a guy who could mash enough that you'd overlook his defense at 3b. By the terms of his contract, the Mets are obligated to pay him about 1.2 million every year through 2035.

Ken Boswell (66) -An offense-first second baseman for the Mets. His game-winning single on September 10, 1969 put the Mets into first place for the first time in their history.

Ron Hunt (71) -Boswell's predecessor as Mets 2B. The first Met to start an All-Star Game. At the time of his retirement he was the career recordholder for being hit by pitches; Don Baylor and Craig Biggio have since passed him. He led the league in HBP each of his last seven years, and some, including Sparky, claimed he wasn't even trying to get out of the way.

Elston Howard -The first African-American to play for the Yankees, and later the first black coach in the American League. Two fun facts about Elston: He invented the weighted donut for on-deck hitters, and he was the first player to signal "two outs" with his index and pinky. Before Elston, it was strictly index and middle finger. Admit it, you're doing it as you read this....