Brian Esposito (33) -Three career PAs in the bigs, and not likely to get any more with the Reds this season.

DeWayne Wise (34) -A fifth-round pick of the Reds who was taken by the Blue Jays in the Rule 5 draft. Has bounced around to a number of clubs, including the Reds; he's currently in the Yankee organization.

Bronson Arroyo (35) -In its 121-year history, there have been only four perfect games pitched in the International League. Bronson has one of them. I predict he makes a minor comeback this year.

Nick Esasky (52) -He lost some of the first part of his career to Pete Rose's selfish quest for the hit record, and some of the last part due to recurring vertigo. For a couple of years in between, he was a nice player.


Eddie Murray (56) -One of 12 kids. Played high school ball on the same team as Ozzie Smith. Only Mickey Mantle hit more homers as a switch hitter.

Bugs Raymond -I was going to relate some humorous anecdotes about Bugs being a drunk, but the more I read the more it was actually kind of sad. Bugs had a lot of natural ability, but he was a severe alcoholic, and it wrecked his career and his family, and eventually contributed to his early and violent death. Alcoholism, even at a distance, is not funny or cute or quaint.

Honus Wagner -Maybe the greatest all-around player ever. Bill James selected his 1908 season as the best individual seaon ever. In a league where the average team ERA was 2.35, Honus hit .354 with 109 RBIs and played gold-glove-level defense.