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I know what you saying about the LSU game, but I was one of the fans that said we lost, plain and simple. There are NO good losses, I don't care if you are the 0-10 team playing the #1 team in the nation, there is NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING good about a loss. So in reality I could care less that WVU put up 500 and some odd yards against LSU because the end result was a Loss. Yes I have ZERO respect for MooU football, their fans gave me this snobbish attitude, I truly hate their program.

The FOJB was not 5 years too late, WVU would have dominated that game no matter the decade. The level of athletes from both institutions were and always will be on different levels. Its kind of like putting a Class A high school JV team against a Class AAA powerhouse, the outcomes will be predictable.
You're probably the only one who said that. I've heard the LSU defense so many times from WVU fans it isn't funny. Not to mention the Fighting Dale Gribble's who claimed LSU was faking injuries to kill momentum.

Last I remember, Marshall put a scare into WVU back in 1997 in Morgantown. Marshall at the time was a QB factory with Chad Pennington and Byron Leftwich while WVU fans were waiting for Don Nehlen to hang it up. Given how down WVU was during the late 90's and how successful Marshall was during that time, I believe Marshall would have likely won a game or two, especially in Huntington.