Paul O'Neill (49) -Only player to play on the winning team in three perfect games: Browning, Wells, and Cone.

Cesar Cedeno (61) -For a brief period probably the best player in baseball. Lou Brock was the first player to have 20 homers and 50 steals in a season; Cesar was the second and did it three years in a row. His time as a Red was just a parenthesis in his career.

Bob Bescher -Reds left fielder who stole 81 bases in 1911, an NL record that stood for over fifty years. Died in a car-train accident.


Shannon Stewart (38) -I didn't know he was born in Cincinnati.

Ron Santo -Ron was the first player to wear a batting helmet with an earflap; he did it while recovering from a broken cheekbone.

Monte Irvin (93) -He and Hank Thompson were the second and third black players in the NL. He was thirty by then, but still had a few really good years left.