Gary Schatz's blog is ostensibly about the learning curve for Heisey and Stubbs, but Dusty's comments lend some insight into the potential platoon in left field. Maybe it's been discussed before and I missed it, but this was the part I found interesting:

"Heisey had trouble against pitchers that used the other side of the plate. I know where he likes the ball. I know there are certain pitchers he will struggle against. That's my job. He likes the ball up and in. Ludwick likes the ball down and away. It isn't always lefty, righty. People wonder why a guy hits three home runs one day and isn't in the lineup the next day. He was having success against a pitcher he should hit."

If the Reds targeted Ludwick specifically because he hits down-and-away, as opposed to Heisey hitting up-and-in, well, I guess I'm impressed with that.