Gary Majewski (32) -The whole grievance thing finally lost whatever traction it had, but it's obvious fron looking at the stats that Gary was damaged goods when the Reds got him.

Scott Service (45) -Aiken H.S. product who came back more times than the McRib- I counted five times he signed with the Reds as a free agent.


Dustin Ackley (24) -Mariners 2b who holds the record for most career hits in College World Series play.

Preacher Roe -While coaching basketball in the 1945 offseason, Preach fractured his skull in a fight with a referee. Wow!

Rip Collins -College football star with Texas A&M turned pitcher. After his baseball career he joined the Texas Rangers (the real ones, not the baseball ones) and eventually became sheriff of Bryan County, Texas.

Grover Cleveland Alexander -He's remembered as a drinking man, and he was, but a lot of what was perceived as drunkenness was in fact due to epilepsy. He served in World War One and had a rough time of it, being exposed to mustard gas and losing part of his hearing, and his epilepsy was worse after that. His movie biography, The Winning Team, bears little resemblance to reality.