Reds related:

1. Mesoraco has a breakout season, and by the end of the season is slotted in between Votto and Bruce, finally giving the team the middle-of-the-order RH bat it's been seeking.

2. Homer Bailey wins 15+ games and finally stays healthy for a full season.

3. Scott Rolen gets hurt early in the season and is unproductive, but Walt swings a trade before the deadline to solidify the position.

MLB related:

1. The Nationals and Marlins aren't nearly as good as everyone believes they are, particularly the Marlins.

2. The Cardinals make the playoffs as a wild card team and are eliminated by the Braves in a one-game playoff as the Braves extract some revenge for last season.

3. The Pirates have their first winning season since 1889, and with a wave of prospects on the horizon, finally give their fans hope for the future.