Jack Armstrong (47) -Starting pitcher in the 1990 All-Star Game. His son is a top prospect now.


Jeff Kent (44) -MVP in 2000. Had a reputation as kind of a crank even before he played wth Barry Bonds.

Joe Carter (52) -Famous, of course, for winning the 1993 World Series for Toronto with a walk-off home run, the first one since 1960.

Jeff Burroughs (61) -A good hitter and the 1974 MVP, but maybe the worst left fielder I've ever witnessed personally. Coached a team to the Little League World Series Championship (after the other team was DQ-ed), and, I think, coached Chase Utley in Little League. One other note: when he signed his first professional contracts, he demanded that a clause be included specifying that his parents were to get none of his money whatsoever. I bet there's a backstory there...

J.R. Richard (62) -I must conferss, I thought James Rodney was dead; apparently I was wrong. He seems to have turned his life around, actually. In his prime he was probably the most intimidating pitcher of the 1970s.

Bobo Hollomon- On May 6, 1953, Bobo pitched a no-hitter in his major league debut- the only 20th-century pitcher to do so. It was one of only three career wins for Bobo; he was back in the minors by the end of the season. He also drove in three runs in the game; they were the only RBIs of his career.