Lydia Ko, 15, won the LPGA Canadian Open yesterday becoming the youngest winner on that tour by over a year. Last year, Lexi Thompson, 16 then, won an event becoming they youngest ever to win. Pretty impressive.

More on Lydia. She just won the US Women's Amateur becoming the second youngest to win that event. Chump change compared to winning a tour event. She was the #1 amateur in the world prior to winning these 2 events. I heard someone questioned her ranking and she replied, "I'll show you!"

And last, believe it or not, I could've caddied for Lydia at this year's US Women's Open. No lie. I'm not kicking myself right now for a variety of reasons, but that would've been pretty cool to have caddied for her. The girl I used to caddy for, Young Jo, is friends with Lydia and asked me a few months back to caddy for her at the open. Young Jo did say she was pretty good. Young was right.