C.J. Nitkowski (39) -A former Reds 1st-round pick; his career has been never great but always interesting. Currently attempting a comeback after some unconventional arm surgery; I guess stranger things have happened.

Aaron Boone (39) -Hit the last homer in Riverfront history.

Benito Santiago (47) -Benito hit the first grand slam ever off of Greg Maddox, after Maddox had been in the league for almost a decade.

Darrell Chaney (64) -Backup SS on the Big Red Machine. I was surprised to learn that he once led the Southern League in homers; it must have been a pretty weak year for power hitters there.


Bert Campaneris (70) -Campy was a terrific player who holds an unfortunate record: most career errors since 1940.

Jackie Jenson -Former Cal football star who remains the only person to play in a Rose Bowl, a World Series and an All-Star Game (Chuck Essegian played in the first two). Married an Olympic diving medalist. Retired from the game in 1950 due in part to a severe fear of flying.

Arky Vaughan -Bill James makes a pretty good case for Arky being the best shortstop in history not named Honus. Arky died at age 40 in a drowning accident.

Billy Southworth -Won four pennants and two World Series as a manager, but was largely forgotten until tapped for the Hall of Fame in 2008.