David Williams (33) -When the Reds traded Sean Casey for him, general opinion was that it was a bad move. For once, general opinion was right.

Larry Rothschild (58) Now the Yankee pitching coach; former Red farmhand and pitching coach, and first manager in Rays history.

Greg Garrett -Being traded one-for-one for Jim Maloney was definitely the highlight of his career. Died in 2003.


Steve Finley (47) -At 41, he was the oldest everyday CF in baseball history. Remembered for his walk-off grand slam that clinched the 2004 NL West title for the Dodgers.

Darryl Strawberry (50) -I saw a "separated at birth" side-by-side picture once that compared Strawberry to Dino, the Flintsones pet, and now I can't look at Darryl without seeing Dino.

Dale Murphy (56) Up to age 30, you'd have bet your house that he'd go into the Hall of fame. As it stands now, he and Maris are the only two multiple MVP winners eligible but not in the HOF. His son Shawn played NFL football.

Jim Wynn (70) -The Toy Cannon, a Cincinnati native whose stats were hurt by playing in the Astrodome. Once traded for someone named Dusty Baker.

Vern Law (82) -Former Pirate ace. Now retired and serving as pitching coach at Provo High School, right across the street from BYU where his son coaches. Vern and his wife had five sons, all of whom have names beginning with the letter "V". Vance, of course, played major league baseball; Willie Stargell and Manny Sanguillen were teammates of both father and son.