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He went 0-8 over the two games before today. I guess that is cooling off. After tonight, he is hitting .323/.364/.548 so far in May.

My point about the power wasn't that he was going to hit 25 home runs, but that he isn't some slap hitter. Just like Drew Stubbs wasn't, even though his minor league numbers may have suggested it. But some people certainly suggested that both guys were slap hitters because of their minor league numbers.
Like I stated, 4 for 19. His BABIP is .400. His line drive rate is high, so I will give him that (even those numbers are above your typical line drive numbers). Yet only 3 walks so far. In all honesty, I see him as a .300 to .320 at best OBP guy with some years under .300. He also is not going to slug .655. Let's face facts, he is most likely a .450 type guy at best. So I see a .770 ceiling for him and will probably be a low to mid .700 guy. Which for a shortstop in today's league, especially one with a good glove, is not too bad. I see him probably being an above average SS. Yet that is as far as I would go, and I can even see him completely flame out if he is not good at making adjustments.

Of course I could be wrong and maybe he is the next Nomar Garciaparra (a SS who ended up hitting much better in the pros during his prime). Yet even Nomar was a .800+ OPS guy in the minors with stints where he was well above that.

I do agree, he is not a slap hitter. Yet he is certainly not a power hitter either. If he ends up being a .800+ OPS guy with a OBP above average I will be rather surprised, and not even this hot start has changed my opinion on that.