Good stuff medford, I really enjoyed reading that.

You are absolutely right about timing.

I really dont know how many mid-major head coaches have made the jump to big time programs and had success. Bill Self, Steve Alford, Matt Painter, Kevin Stallings, etc.... But I would presume more have failed....Todd Licklighter, Barry Collier, John Pelfrey, Dan Munson...etc.... Just throwing names out there off the top of my head that I am familiar with.

I really like what Matta did. He inheritated a good program at Butler. Continued with their success. Jumped to Xavier, once again taking over a good program. Excelled with their success. Jumped to OSU, a program that was reeling and built them to their former days.

Matta sort of "climbed the ladder". I really think that there are stepping stones for Groce available this year. If the guy can coach, he will succeed. And then become even a bigger comodity.

I dont know of all the schools that have vacancies right now, but I know there are a few out there that would be a step above Ohio and a step below Illinois.

But at the end of the day sometimes it becomes about timing and money.