Craig Tatum (29) -He's in the Diamondback camp this year.

Corky Miller (36) - His full legal name is Corky Abraham Phillip Miller. His mother worried about giving him the name "Corky", thinking it might not be appropriate if he were to be elected president. It's looking increasingly like that may not be an issue.

Geronimo Berroa (47) -Played for the '92 Reds, a few years before he went to Oakland and proved that he was a good player all the time.


Dwayne Murphy (57) -Part of Oakland's great outfield with Henderson and Armas. An avid bass player, he helped bankroll the first album by former A's batboy M.C. Hammer.

Elbie Fletcher -In 1934, a Boston newspaper held a contest in which readers could vote on which Boston high school player was the best prospect, with the winner receiving a non-roster invitation to Braves spring training. Elbie, aided by his large family stuffing the ballot box, won the contest, and against all odds made the team and spent 12 years in the majors.

Hiram Bithorn -The first Puerto Rican to pitch in the majors. Shot and killed by a policeman at age 35; the policeman claimed Bithorn was violent but the shooting was ruled a murder. The stadium in San Juan is named for him.

Al Benton -The answer to a classic trivia question as the only pitcher to face both Babe Ruth and Mickey Mantle. Also the only player to lay down two sacrifice bunts in the same inning. Died at age 57 in a motel explosion (?!)