Steve Blateric (68) -You know you're a Reds fan if you remember this guy, who pitched only a few innings 31 years ago.

Pat Corrales (71) -A Bench backup for a few years. Holds a record he'd rather not hold: the only manager ever to be fired while in first place.

Clyde Shoun -Hard-throwing lefty from Mountain City, Tennessee. Pitched a no-hitter for the 1944 Reds. Oddly, the only player to reach base (via walk) was the opposing pitcher, Jim Tobin, who had himself pitched a no-hitter only eighteen days earlier.


George Altman (79) -Big George played in the Negro League, the majors and the Japanese League; I'm not sure anyone else played in all three. He was actually more of a star in Japan than in the states. He was, however, the first batter to take Sandy Koufax deep twice in one game.

Steve McCatty (58) -Some confusion here. I read one source that said that in the strike-shortened 1981 season there was controversy over whether McCatty or Sammy Stewart was the AL ERA champion, and that it came down to whether you rounded the innings pitched off to the nearest inning (as was the practice then) or didn't. But lists Dave Righetti as the 1981 ERA champ, with Stewart second and McCatty third. Anyway, it's a mess. Maybe WOY or someone else smarter than I am can clarify it.

Joe McGinnity -Initially called "Iron Man" because he worked in a foundry when he wasn't playing ball, eventually the nickname became apropos for other reasons. He and Christy Mathewson were one of the great one-two pitching punches of all time.