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Would anybody really be surprised to find out such a program exists on almost every NFL team? though maybe not as brazen as the Saints did it.
I would be shocked. Here is the thing no one in this thread is mentioning. The NFL found out about these bounties in 2009. They told teams we know you are doing this, stop it now. Other teams did. The Saints did not. They continued the bounty program and then lied to cover it up.

That is why bounty penalty is so harsh and that is why no one else will be punished. We know Gregg Williams ran a similar system while in Washington. They received no penalty - - because when NFL said, in 09, that it better have stopped they made sure it stopped. Simple.

I have no sympathy for the Saints. I actually rooted for them when I lived in N'Awlins and after Katrina (as long as they did not interfere with my G-Men!). But the arrogance of Payton, Loomis and Williams is and was just astounding. So they lost any sympathy I might be able to muster.