Mel Queen -Infielder-turned-outfielder-turned-pitcher in the late '60s. Later worked as a scout, a pitching coach and a front-office executive. Brother-in-law of Red Sox ace Jim Lonborg.

Jack McCarthy -A Red in the late 1800s. He hit his last home run in 1899, then had 2736 ABs in the 20th century without another. No player had more ABs in that century without a homer.


Jose Vizcaino (44) -Utility infielder for a number of teams. Four existing teams have at one time been based in New York: the Yankees, Mets, Dodgers and Giants. Vizcaino is one of three players to play for all four franchises. This is perhaps the most useless piece of trivia I've ever heard, but it's a slow day, so I thought I'd mention it.

Shane Reynolds (44) -Like I said, a slow day. I got nothing interesting on this guy.

Kevin Seitzer (50) -Had a terrific rookie season with 207 hits. He never quite got to that level again, and so was perceived as a bit of a disappointment, but he was a fine player.

Bill Zuber -Nicknamed "Goober" Zuber. He grew up in a strict religious community in Iowa that did not believe in playing sports; he had to sneak off to play baseball.