Maybe it is just me, but it seems as if today's Rock radio (not pop/top 40) formats are way too specialized with shrinking playlists. Mainstream (AOR) Rock radio is becoming a thing of the past.

Rock stations have either gone the "Classic Rock" (Read: "Hotel California" and the like repeated ad nauseam." or the "Active Rock" (Read: Predominately Bad--screaming/monotone-- Metal mixed with solid Mainstream bands such as the Foo Fighters." Adult Album Alternative Stations (Rock, for the most part, not "heavy" enough for Active Rock stations, but minus the "bubblegum" music prevalent among "Pop" radio stations.) are few and far between.

To further illustrate my point, check out the latest Billboard Rock Songs Chart.

How many stations play all of the charted songs?

I miss the days when Mainstream Rock Radio encompassed all types of current Rock and contained a much larger "Classic Rock" library.

It's no wonder one has to virtually go the XM/Sirius/Internet route to satisfy Rock radio cravings, which is a shame.