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I'm not of the mindset that rock is dead. It's just that there aren't too many quality rock bands out there and its radio formats are clustered. Classic rock has a limited audience as it doesn't appeal to most youngsters.

When good rock bands come along, they typically do very well. Unfortunately, they're rare anymore.
Rock is not dead...not even close. There is so much good rock music out there now...probably more than at any other time in the history of music. Its just much more do it yourself and independent these days. Rock is no longer mainstream sure...but these artist are out there and making fantastic music. You as a listener however are not going to have them spoonfed to you by mainstream radio (clear channel) at this point in time. You have to actively look for them. And to be honest with you, I prefer it that way. Artist are more accesable, shows at smaller more intimate venues. As a fan it is great not having to deal as much with the masses who only go to a show to get wasted and talk to there bros. Ive actually met and become good friends with members of two bands who are some of my favorites.
What I would suggest to anyone wanting to find out about new bands is go to your local record store...talk to them about the kind of music you like...they will open your eyes to all kinds of great stuff out there. Go see local bands, listen to a station like KEXP with an open mind and check out their website. There is so much good rock music out there guys, you just cant rely on your local clear channel affiliate to provide it to you.