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Spot on. Also, the preponderance of Modern/Alternative Rock stations and Triple-A (Adult Album Alternative--A mixture of Non-Rap/Bubble Gum Pop, Rock, and Alternative) Stations contributed the demise of traditional AOR Radio.

Bob Marley and Stevie Wonder, who actually received quite a bit of AOR airplay before the advent of Disco, would be relegated to Triple-A Rock stations today.
They had a Classic Rock station here in LA until about 3-4 years ago.......that thought Billy Joel's "Piano Man" was rock or playing Classical Gas every other hour was cool..... while turning down their noses when they read aloud about how "Born in the USA" was #2 to......Prince? "Let's Go Crazy" which rocked way more than Bruce's song. BUt it was the stereotypical Rock is white guys playing it with a message.... BS. Instead of playing some good rock....it was rock that your parent's ...parent's would have said it was ok to listen to with you.