The first of this week's Lost Rock Tracks Of The Week is from a Band that needs no introduction at all.

Rush - Half The World (1996)

From the superb Test for Echo album, arguably the band's best of the '90s, this track peaked was heavily played in the fall of '96. Unfortunately, Rush's catalog from Hold Your Fire to today continues to be largely ignored by AOR and Classic Rock stations today. Fortunately, the band is set to release the Clockwork Angels CD any day now. The new song Headlong Flight is gaining airplay even on Active Rock stations. Translation: There may be hope for today's Rock radio after all.

Rush - Half The World - YouTube

Fastway - Say What You Will (1983)

If you do not recall this tune by title, more than likely, the catchy guitar riff will jar your memory. This British Hard Rock Band was considered Metal back in the day, but I wouldn't classify it as such today, at least from the standpoint of today's Active Rock Radio Metal, for two reasons:

1)It isn't monotone.

2)One can easily understand the lyrics.

Fastway - Say What You Will (Stereo) - YouTube