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Personal take: Of course the Beastie Boys are RRHOF worthy, just not ahead of many others such as Rush, ELO and others. Yes, they influenced others. But, IMHO, that's not such a great thing.

In the case of Linkin Park, the Rap/Hip Hop is just a supplement, so many traditional Rock fans accepted them. Everlast, too, was successful because he toned it down and didn't operate at the normal "manic" Rap/Hip Hop pace. After that, Rap/Hip Hop began to infiltrate Metal, and even though Nu-Metal/Post Grunge "monotone" Metal was the rage for awhile--mostly because it attracted the Rap/Hip Hop crowd who had previously ignored Rock--it, IMHO, not "Grunge," is what led many AOR stations to become Classic Rock stations.

Traditional Melodic AOR and, to a certain extent, "Hair Metal" still co-existed with the likes of Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots and others--even Alternative Metal co-existed with traditional Rock. But once the manic Rap/Hip Hop/monotone Metal became the norm, it was curtains for many AOR stations, who either went the "Classic Rock" or "Active Rock" route.