As always, the prediction thread request is simple.

1. Give a number of Wins you project for the Reds 2011 season.
2. Make the prediction as honestly as you can. It's a prediction, not a hope. (Please, no 162-0 "predictions")
3. Feel free to wait for opening day to make your prediction. I'll not honor any changes in you guestimate, too much work.
4. Place your Number of expected wins at the beginning of the post and then any commentary below. This makes it easier to go back and count.
It's tORG vs. Sundeck. Sundeck is on a two-year winning streak. I see no reason why we shouldn't go ahead and make it a trifecta. Rules are simple and above.


A lot of things went wrong last year. History never repeats. I think this team is better than the 2010 squad. Three solid starters and I think one of the remaining two - Bailey and Arroyo - has a big year.
The offense will be fine. No real weak links. I am willing to give Stubbs the benefit of the doubt. After all, it is spring.