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Willie Montanez (64) -Made the majors at age 18. When Curt Flood was traded to the Phillies and failed to report, Willie was one of the players St. Louis sent as compensation.

Rusty Staub (68) -Like Willie, Rusty made the Show as a teenager, and like Willie he was involved in a trade where one of the principals refused to report. In Rusty's case, Houston traded him to Montreal for Donn Clendenon, who wouldn't go to the Astros. Rusty, of couse, went to Montreal and became "Le Grand Orange", a beloved figure. He's the only player in ML history to have at least 500 hits with four different teams. He's also one of only three players to hit a home run as a teenager and another one when over 40. The other two are the exretmely mismatched pair of Ty Cobb and Gary Sheffield.

Phil Niekro (73) -Knucksie recorded 121 major league victories after his 40th birthday.

Ron Perranoski (76) -Longtime Dodger reliever and pitching coach.

Ted Sadowski (76) -One of baseball's three Sadowski brothers.

Rod Kanehl -"Hot Rod" was a popular member of the 1962 Mets and hit the first grand slam in franchise history.

Jeff Heath -A really good hitter (.297 career, .509 slg), but not a real good teammate; there a number of stories about him that suggest he was a jerk, or stupid, or both. One example: when his African-American teammate Willard Brown used his bat and hit an inside-the-park home run, Heath broke the bat against the dugout wall as a message that Brown and his "type" were never to touch his bats again.

Sidd Finch -The famous yoga practitioner with the 168 mph fastball. His career was far too short.