Marc Kroon (39) -A Red in 1998. Retired with 26 walks in 26.2 career innings.

Hector Cruz (59) -The middle of the three Cruz brothers; a Red in '79 and '80. "Heity" currently works as a mail carrier in Chicago.


Curtis Leskanic (44) -Relief pitcher known for shaving his pitching arm to make it more "aerodynamic". Currently a Red Sox scout. Here's some fun trivia: His cousin is Katrina of "Katrina And The Waves" ("Walkin' On Sunshine").

Pete Incaviglia (48) -Still holds the NCAA record for HR and RBI in a season. Struck out a ton as a major leaguer, which makes the faact that he became a hitting coach kind of funny.

Reggie Smith (67) -Great, underrated player. Played 13 full seasons in the bigs without ever playing on a losing team.

Don Sutton (67) -I didn't know Don came from such a poor background; he was born in a tar-paper shack in rural Alabama to a 15-year-old mother and an 18-year-old father. Don has the most major league ABs (1354) of any player without hitting a homer.

Billy Pierce (85) -Slender lefty who's largely forgotten now outside of Chicago, but he was a good one. Never pitched a no-hitter but had three one-hitters, seven two-hitters and came within an out of a perfect game once.

Bobby Avila -Often considered the first great Mexican major leaguer. Beat Ted Williams out for the 1954 batting title despite playing with a broken thumb. Later became the mayor of Veracruz, Mexico.

Luke Appling -His .388 batting average in 1936 was the highes by any 20th-century shortstop. Made headlines in 1982 when he hit a homer off Warren Spahn in an old-timers game at age 75.

Hughie Jennings -Nicknamed "Ee-yah". Holds both the single-season (51) and career (287) records for being hit by pitches. Maybe "Ee-yah" was the sound he made when the ball hit him...