In honor of Joey's milestone, I thought it might be a good time to bring these back:

Doozy #1

Doozy #2

Doozy #3

Spot where the squirrel found the acorn:

"Body similar to Darren Fletcher . . ." (Ha ha ha ha. Did they just pick a mediocre catcher who played for Canadian teams?)

"Votto is looking like he was a large reach."

the team the Reds are headed toward in a few years:

C - Miller
1B - Votto
2B - Bergolla/Lopez
SS - Olmedo
3B - Encarnacion
RF - Kearns
CF - Pena
LF - Dunn

Obviously it won't pan out exactly like that, but that's the current target team. My guesstimate is that said club wouldn't be any good until 2006 at the earliest.

[2006? who knew M2 was such an optimist?]