I keep reading comments about how will the Reds afford this without crippling themselves financially, or I love the deal but how will they pay for it.

One thought I have is, I think this deal may very well end up being a net win for the Reds, and that's because of the new TV contract. The Reds are more marketable with Bruce and Votto locked up, and the question I ask is, could having a legitimate star and MVP player locked up for the length of a TV deal, add the $20 mil/ year to the deal itself eg a $40 mil / year deal with out Votto, and a $60 mil / year deal with?

Under these TV contract assumptions, it makes seem more likely not less that Brandon Phillips is signed long term too.

If any of these moves gain market share in Indy, Columbus, Louisville etc, they very well could bump us a significant step. Just seems odd, how many guys are under 4 year + control: Bruce, Votto, Stubbs, Mes, Cozart, Latos, Cueto, Leake, Chapman, Marshall. Doesn't seem to be a coincidence timing wise. That they all carry past the beginning of the TV deal.