Tim Belk (42) -First baseman; 3 for 15 with the 1996 Reds.

Bret Boone (43) -The first third-generation major leaguer. Still holds a record by committing only 2 errors at 2B in the entire 1997 season.

Ernie Lombardi -Perhaps the most beloved Red ever till Rose. One of only two catchers to win an NL batting championship, and the last catcher to win a league batting title until Joe Mauer. A guy I really wish I'd seen.


Bert Blyleven (61) -Killer curveballer. A HOF pitcher, he was known to his teammates as an expert in the art of the hotfoot. He's now a broadcaster, and he's had some misadventures. He made a mistake in an intro and unleashed a couple of F-bombs while calling for a retake- not realizing he was live (that earned him a suspension). He also had a cameo in the film "Taking Care of Business", then couldn't remember the name of the movie when asked about it on the air. One other note: He didn't know his correct name until he got married. he always thought his name ws "Rikaalbert"; when he got a copy of his Dutch birth certificate for his wedding he found it was actually "Rik Aalbert".

Marty Pattin (69) -Mid-level starting pitcher; he appears in Ball Four. Later coached at Kansas. According to Bill Lee, he used to throw up after the first inning of every game he pitched.

Mickey Cochrane -Another great catcher born on this day. First catcher to drive in and score 100 runs in a season. Second catcher inducted into the HOF; the first one was Roger Bresnahan, who's actually pretty marginal as a HOFer.