Brett Tomko (39) -Hoping for a return engagement with the big club. His wife is a former model and Playmate who's appeared in such films as "Rush Hour 2" and "Nutty Professor 2".

Freddie Benavides (46) -A Red in the early '90s, he remains with the club as a minor league infield coordinator. He was also an original member of the Colorado Rockies.


Adrian Beltre (33) -Has had an unpredictable, up-and-down career. on September 1, 2008, both he and Stephen Drew hit for the cycle- the only time two players have done it on the same day.

Ronnie Belliard (37) -Retired now. For some reason I always liked him; he looked like a teddy bear with dreadlocks.

Bobby Doerr (94) -Since the death of Phil Rizzuto, Bobby has been the oldest living Hall of Fame player. A terrific second baseman who played in the Pacific Coast League while still in high school.

John McGraw -Best known as a manger, of course, but as a player his career OBP of .466 is the third highest of all time.