Yes its' early. But I see so many of the same indicators of offensive short- comings as last year. Through the first 4 games, only Bruce, Votto, and Cozart
have more than 1 RBI. Votto has struck out 6 times in 13 official at bats. We have had 3 RBI's combined from Ludwick and Heisey, 0 from catcher's position, 0 from Stubbs, 0 from Phillips, Rolen and Cairo have 1 each. We have averaged less than 7 hits per game. We are not going to win many games with those numbers. Everyone is so concerned about some of the pitching performances that the offensive has hardly been mentioned. We didn't hit that well in spring training. Last year we scored the 2nd most runs in the NL, but were very inconsistent. We would score a bunch in one game, then wouldn't be able to score more than 1 or two for the next several games. I see too many wasted opportunities, too many strikeouts, no discipline or patience at the plate. A mirror image of last year. We better get it together or we will be treading water again this year.