I talked to Boss-Hog about this idea, and he suggested I put it here.

I've really wanted to hear a good Reds podcast, but there's nothing out there right now that excites me. A solid podcast should be in depth, but also infuse humor, pop culture, and trivia, and you should really get to know the hosts and have some reason to keep coming back every time. Think Bill Simmons nationally or Matt Jones on UK sports where I live. They're bright sports guys, but their real power comes from personality and putting fun above all else.

I've been interested in starting something like this for a while, and now that I'm involved in the ORG here, I've found that there are some brilliant and very personable Reds fans round these parts that could really flourish in a podcast setting. I'd love to have a few of you join me in recording a few of these to see what works and what doesn't. It would be over Skype and, even if nothing ever comes of it, would be a fun chance to interact with other Reds fans. I'll take the best of what we have and put them together as kind of a pilot episode to get feedback from folks.

If you would be interested in giving this a shot, PM me and we can swap e-mails and figure some things out. It'd be ideal if you are able to banter well, be funny, know your stuff to some degree, and are willing to roll with the punches. Don't worry about your skill level in any of these areas--I'm not where I want to be, either--but I just want to try. If it works out, it could be a seriously fun project with potential for bigger things. Thanks, guys and gals.