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If he could play SS, Pierre's numbers would rank among the top five SS in the game.
This year, yes. Offense is down compared to the past and he is having his best year since 2009 and his second best year since 2004.

But even if we weren't just talking about this year, Pierre at shortstop is a whole lot less exciting that some people seem to think Billy Hamilton will be. And they might be right in terms of excitement. Excitement doesn't mean production though.

With that said, Pierre and Hamilton aren't comparable players, though they may wind up with comparable type numbers. Pierre has less power and goes about his other offensive production in a much different way than Hamilton does, at least right now. Pierre simply never swings and misses, where as Hamilton does. He is getting better, but he would have to still cut his strikeout rate in half to make as much contact as Pierre does. Clearly Hamilton has a much higher offensive ceiling than Pierre does, but most guys don't reach their ceilings.