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Very good points RM.

I would have brought in Bray for the 10th,Marshall for the 11th and from the 12th on it would have been Simon. IMO, Simon is your long reliever to bring in early if the starter falters or for those long extra inning games. Just a case of Dusty not thinking through situations ahead of time.
Couldn't agree more... He worked his bullpen backwards because of the save. For the Reds to win a game like that, they have to prevent Washington from scoring. Use your best early to prevent runs and give your offense a chance, since they don't get last bat. Use Bray, use Marshall, then you can sink or swim with Simon. I'm doing my best to get my best hitters one more chance at the plate. Simon did not give them the best chance. The way Dusty has used Marshall thus far is a waste of the guy's ability and it gives valuable innings to lesser pitchers.