Need some advice, I'm sure there are many on here with some to dispense.

My cell phone battery is pretty much crapping out, same with my wifes. We could go the simple route and just purchase new batteries for our phones, which are each 3+ years old so perhaps its time to get a new phone anyways.

Niether of us use our cell phones a ton, most of the calls are b/w each other, so outside of each other, we could probably get away with 300 minutes a month combined (if that).

Neither of us texts very often, actually my wife's phone has text messages shut off for some reason she's not sure of. She's still on a family plan with her mother, which he mother has been generous enough to continue even after we got married 6 years ago, so I don't think we'd qualify as a renewal (She's with AT&T mobile I believe). I have my service thru verizon, and am certainly eligible for the renew every 2 discount.

Niether of us have a smart phone, though I'm interested. I don't think I'd use the smart phone capabilities a ton, I'm in front of a computer at work most every day, she's teaching, outside of that we're home w/ a WiFi connection. Of course, it could come in handy when we're out, but don't think we'd need an unlimited data plan.

We spend a majority of out time b/w Cincy & Dayton.

Anyone have an opinion on plans/phones?

Virgin mobile seems to offer what I'm looking for, $35 a month for 300 minutes, unlimited data/texts. Not sure which phone is the best one for that type of thing. I'm not looking to spend a ton, but I dont need to go cheap either. However, I'm open to anything at this point, if anyone has any advice.