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But don't worry, that offensive outburst/fluke is coming soon. We will score 15 runs in one game, it will pad everyone's stats and Dusty will be safe to pull another starter with only 94 pitches, who seems to get stronger as the game goes along. Only to see the entire bullpen used up for no reason.

Positives: Simon looked a little better. Harris got a hit as did Ludwick. Votto is still awesome.

Negatives: Too many to list here. Shorthand version- CF, 3B and bench.
Well, just last Sunday Dusty got RIPPED for not having someone ready in the bullpen when Arroyo melted down in the 65-75 pitch range. That's the stuff I was talking about in yesterday's game thread. Doesn't matter what move he makes. I just have to accept that if I'm gonna hang out.

I don't get Chapman in the 10th and not in the 8th. But then I just got home for the last two innings.

The offense is very, very hard to watch when it is slumping. I know they will score runs, but man its brutal to watch a team wide slump. I only got to see 2 innings of hacking, but man, the last guy, who has now struck out what, 6 in a row. Those were all balls, every last curve was not in the zone. They hacked away.