Is this Jackson guy pitching for Washington an amazing stud of a SP? I didn't realize he was so elite, because the way the Reds have been hitting today (and for just about the whole season) Jackson must be the next Nolan Ryan.

This joke of a team is hard to watch. And can anyone tell me who the leader of this team is? Certainly not our 250 million man or BP.

I'm really disgusted with the way these guys are playing so this is most likely just an angry rant, but I would have to say those of us who actually thought the Reds were going to be good this year are looking like fools.

And how about that 8th guys? After Heisey gets a lead off walk and it looked like the Reds might ACTUALLY get some runs, they promptly get three K's in a row.

And Stubbs just plain sucks. I'm tired of people making excuses for him. He will lead the majors in K's this year.