Ed Bailey -From Strawberry Plains, Tennessee. One of the better catchers of his era; the 1961 deal in which the Reds sent him to the Giants for Bob Schmidt should probably be mentioned among the worst Reds trades. Of course they won the pennant anyway...


Milton Bradley (34) -Played on the same high school team as Chase Utley. It's hard to know what to think about Milton; it pains to see so much talent going more or less to waste, but one has to remember that most of the demons that kept him from being the player he should have been were not of his own making.

Ted Sizemore (67) - NL Rookie of the Year in 1969- they year after Bench won it. Currently runs the Baseball Assistance Team, which helps former players through medical and financial hardships.

Willie Davis -Wonderful CF who still holds a number of Los Angeles Dodger team records...How fast was he?- well, one year in the minors he scored from first on a single nine times...A practicing Buddhist, he used to chant before games...His stats were hurt by playing his home games in Dodger Stadium...Had a significant part in the Jerry Lewis movie Which Way To The Front...His post-baseball life was not happy. In 1996 he was arrested after showing up at his parents home and threatening to kill them if they didn't give him $5000. When arrested he was armed with a samurai sword and throwing knives...Found dead in his home of natural causes in March of 2010.

Ed Abbaticchio -Middle infielder around the turn of the 20th century for Boston and Pittsburgh. Also played on the first all-professional football team- kind of the Red Stockings of football. Credited with inventing the spiral punt.