Brady Clark (39) -Coincidentally, both Reds on today's list were signed as undrafted free agents. You have to root for those guys.

Doug Flynn (61) -On August 5, 1980, Doug, of all people, set a record by hitting three triples in one game...My recollection is hazy, but didn't he have a sister or someone that went missing for a long time? Does anyone remember how that was finally resolved?


Miguel Cabrera (29) -With over 1600 hits by his 29th birthday, he'd seem to be in a good position to make a run at 3000 if he can keep his personal life in order...Oddly, he's never had a 200-hit season.

Jim Eisenreich (53) -His courageous battle with Tourette's led to him being the first recipient of the Tony Conigliaro Award. He currently lives in the Kansas City area and works with a foundation that helps kids with Tourette's.

Steve Blass (70) -Pirate ace remembered now for his sudden inexplicable inability to throw strikes. It didn't carry over to the golf course; on 9/10/2009 he scored two holes-in-one in one 18-hole round.

Sam Crawford -I could have listed him with the Reds since he started his career in Cincy, but the world thinks of him as a Tiger. If you haven't read his chapter in The Glory of Their Times, stop what you're doing and go read it this minute.