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Begs the question whether they were wise in doing so and what other factors led to that decision. "Because he's a stupid manager and they knew it" is probably not the reason.
As you stated in an earlier post, things are bound to even out at some point....Walt knows that. The bigger problem for Dusty is not this current streak (although it certainly isn't helping), but the lingering effect of last season. No manager is safe coming off a losing season that fell well below preseason expectations. Once the ship is righted, the question will be "but for how long?". If on June 1st, this team is still below .500 in the depths of the weak NLC, it wouldn't surprise me in the least to see Dusty gone. Enough data will have been gathered to no longer consider it a bad streak, but rather a trend. And whether you agree with responsibility falling on the manager's shoulders or not, it's generally how baseball works.